Do You Recognize Sexual Harassment at the Workplace? — California Employment Lawyer

Can you recognize sexual harassment at work? Have you been subjected to it yourself or seen it happen to others. The president of Eden Foods Inc. didn’t seem to know his actions were considered sexual harassment and assault. In fact, he laughed when confronted by his HR representative about complaints from several female employees, saying “All these girls want me.” … Read More

Pregnancy Discrimination: ‘We Can’t Hire You Because You’re Pregnant.’

A Virginia woman was offered a job as an engineering logistics analyst for a federal contractor, but when the employer learned she was five months pregnant they rescinded the offer. Meanwhile, in Long Island, New York, a woman hired by a trailer leasing company was fired a month later after her new employer found out she was 12 weeks pregnant … Read More

Tesla Racism Lawsuit Lowered from $137 million to $15 million

Tesla Inc (TSLA.O) to pay $15 million to settle a racism discrimination lawsuit brought by a Black former contract employee, down from a $137 million jury award. The former elevator operator, who actually worked for a staffing agency under contract with Tesla, alleged that he endured a hostile environment. He worked at Tesla for nine months at its Fremont, California … Read More

Activision Blizzard Settles EEOC’s Sexual Harassment Lawsuit for $18 Million

A “frat boy” atmosphere, complete with heavy drinking and rampant sexual harassment, has finally come to an end at Activision Blizzard in Santa Monica, California. Last year, employees of the video game publisher accused the company of failing to address their complaints. They say one of the company’s leaders even had a private office where he would allegedly grope and … Read More

California Farmworkers Overtime Pay after 8 Hours in 2022

AB 1066: Agricultural Farmworker Overtime Rule Change Agriculture and farmworkers have a good reason to celebrate in 2022 thanks to Assembly Bill 1066. The new California law requires employers with at least 26 workers to start paying them at 1.5 times overtime pay beginning at eight hours-per-day, up from 8.5 hours-per-day. The pay hike also kicks in after a 40-hour … Read More

New California Law in 2022 Makes Wage Theft of Tips, Grand Theft

A new California law in 2022 (AB 1003) protects workers from employers who commit wage theft and steal their tips by allowing prosecutors to charge them with felony grand theft. Under Assembly Bill 1003, an intentional theft of wages above $950 from a single employee in any 12-month period is punishable as a grand theft under the California Penal Code. … Read More

LGBTQ Workers: Hostile Workplace, Harassment, Retaliation in California

More than half of LGBTQ Americans say they have been the target of offensive comments or demeaning slurs, but LGBTQ workers should know they can fight back against a hostile workplace. Sadly, many LGBTQ workers endure harassment and put up with a hostile work environment because they don’t want to lose their job. They sometimes experience bullying and or discrimination … Read More

Rejected Deaf, Hearing-Impaired Job Applicants Win Lawsuits Against Employers

Sprouts Farmers Market, Subway, Fed Ex and others all lost recent lawsuits filed by deaf or hearing-impaired job applicants for allegedly violating the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The lawsuits were settled this year and last year by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) after the above employers failed to accommodate the job applicants. Under ADA, it is unlawful … Read More

Sutter Health to pay $90 Million to Settle Medicare whistleblower, false claims civil lawsuit

Sutter Health will pay $90 million to settle a whistleblower civil lawsuit accusing the company of knowingly submitting wrong or inaccurate diagnosis codes for some federal Medicare payments. The U.S. Department of Justice filed the agreement with the Sacramento-based hospital operator and its affiliates on Monday in a San Francisco federal court. The lawsuit — United States ex rel. Ormsby, … Read More

Why Would Anyone in California Want to be a Whistleblower?

California whistleblowers are on the frontlines in the fight against corruption, but it takes an enormous amount of courage to step forward and report a crime against an employer, business or government. These brave insiders, whether they are employees, suppliers, customers or even competitors, provide valuable information that may not otherwise be known. It may be a life-altering decision to … Read More

Teenage Girls Sue Fast Food Chains for Sexual Harassment

Teenage fast food workers are especially vulnerable to sexual harassment by co-workers or supervisors. Some of the top complaints include unwanted sexual advances, retaliation, unwanted groping or physical touching, lurid comments, and quid pro quo sex advances. Indeed, some 40 percent of all female fast-food workers including teens reported sexual harassment on the job, according to the Washington, D.C. firm … Read More

Fairbanks Ranch Country Club operator settles sexual harassment lawsuit

SAN DIEGO – The Bay Club Company, which operates 24 resort-style athletic facilities and country clubs, will pay $500,000 to settle a sexual harassment and retaliation lawsuit brought by their employees. The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) announced the company agreed to the settlement after some of its female workers made these accusations against the company. The Bay Club … Read More