A Class Action Lawsuit Doesn’t Always Require Hundreds of Employees

A Class Action Lawsuit Doesn’t Always Require Hundreds of Employees

There is no specific number of employees that are required for a class action lawsuit. If you feel that your employer is breaking the law, you may not be the only one. Other employees may feel the same way. Johnson Attorneys Group are experienced class action lawsuit attorneys. Contacting our team today will help you identify the main points of a class action lawsuit and the process needed to proceed with one.

Fight Back Against Your Employer.

Do not hesitate any longer. You have rights and so do your coworkers. When repeated offenses are committed in the workplace, you need an experienced group of class action lawyers to help build your case and represent you and your fellow employees against the illegal actions of your employer. Contact Johnson Attorneys Group today for a FREE consultation.

Class action lawsuits can include an incredible array of different areas. Here is more specific information on how this type of lawsuit works, some of the fields that they cover, along with some requirements needed for a lawsuit to qualify as a class action.

Employment Class Action Lawsuit

It’s not uncommon for a group of employees to have the same grievances against their employer. Oftentimes, an employer may fail to pay overtime wages to its employees, engage in discriminatory practices that affect a group of people or fail to pay minimum wages. Employers may fail to provide adequate meal and rest breaks to their staff or business expenses may go unreimbursed.

Whatever the violations involved may be, it can be beneficial for a large group of employees to consolidate their individual claims into a single case against their employer. It’s important to note that these lawsuits may take longer to resolve because they are more complex. However, there can be strength in numbers and a successful class action claim may end discrimination or other illegal practices at the same time it compensates those who suffered a financial loss.

Here are some typical class action lawsuit violations:

  • Off the clock work
  • Violations of state and federal overtime rules
  • Minimum wage violations
  • Missed meal and rest breaks
  • Failure to reimburse business expenses
  • Unpaid wages
  • Rounding off time
  • Sexual harassment
  • Systematic workplace discrimination
  • Pay stub violations

Class Action Lawsuit Requirements

To file a class action claim, the legal claim must negatively impact an entire group or class of people rather than be unique to one individual person. It makes sense to consolidate the claims of a large group of people with the same grievances because otherwise their numerous identical claims would adversely impact a courthouse with claims against the same employer.

How Many People Build a Class?

Typically, at least 40 people are needed to create a class action lawsuit claim, but there are times when fewer would be approved. It can be difficult to get a smaller class of people certified and generally there are hundreds of people that make up a class action lawsuit.

Class Action v. Individual Claims

Most lawyers are not going to take a small claim affecting one person, but if there are a large group of people with the same small claim it becomes economically feasible. This allows employees to obtain qualified legal counsel who may work on a contingency fee basis to resolve the collective claims of the employees.

Who is Named in a Class Action Lawsuit?

Typically, one or more people are named plaintiffs in a class action lawsuit. These named plaintiffs are typically designated as class representatives. To qualify as a class representative, the claims of the named person must be common and typical the other members of the class. There are times when the court awards this class representative an “incentive award.” The amount of such an incentive award is at the discretion of the judge.

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